Schools have now been closed for 6 to 7 weeks and it is likely that some Students will not get back to School before the summer recess. Will the recess actually happen in the same shape or form as is usual is hard to predict. There are just too many unknowns at the moment and whether the UK will have a second spike following a relaxation of the lock-down rules is again hard to predict. What is known, is that travel out of the UK will be very limited for the foreseeable future so maybe some summer schooling maybe appropriate.

Anyway, onto the here and now and students are missing out on schooling and no matter what year it is their lives have been paused like so many others. Students will have been allocated work to do and are being supported the best they can but it is still falling someway short of what they need. Will this have an long term impact? – Well yes of course it will but to what degree it is impossible to say. There is still the Pandemic to be resolved, the World Economy is reeling and there is abundant talk or recessions and unemployment. At the moment, there are so many major factors outside of everyone’s control, of course it is going to have a long lasting impact everywhere.

What is important, is dealing with things under your control in the present and focusing on what can be done to improve the conditions we are facing. One area, we believe could make a difference is to provide some home based ICT training. This Training is not just going through the motions of providing some knowledge to students. It is about engaging with Students and getting them interested in the training they are doing. Engaging with the students to do hands on ICT Training to build their very own website, using a content management system called WordPress. if we can get the students doing these courses, it will also give their parents a break from the home schooling. Then, another advantage is it will give the students something valuable to add to their CV’s in that they stepped outside the school curriculum and built a website. These are often the very things that an employer will look for on a CV that shows a student achieved success outside school.