So the Government want to get children back to school and the plan is to start at the beginning of June with Primary Schools. Of course, Schools do need to reopen and there needs to be a process of getting the country on the move again but there are so many complexities. Children seem to be less prone to Covid 19 yet there has been reported symptoms affecting children that Adults do not appear to get. There is so much being learnt about the disease that it seems a logical decision one day does not make complete sense the next day. Then of course, with the spread of the infections seemingly well down in the London are decisions being made with London in mind, while the rest of the country is seeing an upward trend with infections. This really splits the Country and what is a good plan for one region may not be good plan for another. if London, for example, does push ahead then there will no doubt be lessons learned that could be used when opening other areas. Should we just simply see out the rest of this term and start in September once other places have opened more and the infection rate “R” number as it is known is monitored.

It is fair to say that all the Government, Schools, Teachers and parents plus all the auxiliary services involved need to thrash out a plan they all buy into and commit to. What is wrong is where a plan is formulated, then as soon as the plan kicked off everyone says we should not do it this way. What we at ICT Training believe as that what we are trying to do sits outside all the red tape and bureaucracy. We are simply trying to find a way to show the students something useful they can take forward that is not impacted by social distancing etc. We hope to deliver more course in time.